Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Richard Bolam's work on display in DINA

As I write this post fellow walker around Sheffield city, Richard Bolam, is in the middle of his residency in DINA the new Sheffield arts venue with his project 'IN THE PIPE (Phase I) - video installation & mini-residency at DINA by Richard Bolam'.

In Richard's own words:
  • I am currently “in residence” at DINA, a new venue for events, arts and education at 32 Cambridge Street, Sheffield, UK. The installation is part one of phase one of a project that I have been planning for some time, called IN THE PIPE. This part of the project consists of loops of timelapse video that I shot of Park Square Roundabout in Sheffield. http://bolamshf.wordpress.com

For more details:

DINA venue's details: