Monday, 1 February 2016

"The Slow Death of Purposeless Walking" - BBC article by Finlo Rohrer

I've been pointed towards a BBC news magazine article from 2014, "The Slow Death of Purposeless Walking" by Finlo Rohrer.

The article asks "[a] number of recent books have lauded the connection between walking - just for its own sake - and thinking. But are people losing their love of the purposeless walk?"

Rather than describe the article I thought I should embed it into the page itself for everyone to read.

Whilst doing this project I've walked purposeful walks along the main arteries of Sheffield - Pinstone Rd, Ecclesall Rd, Queens Rd, London Rd - as well as much more open free form "let's see where our wandrering takes us" type of meanders, and honestly, just being outside no matter where that outside is seems to be of more consequence than whether purposeful or not.

References from the article: