Sunday, 22 May 2016

"An Occult Psychogeography of Hawksmoor’s London Churches" - the Bohemian Blog

I've been following the writings and explorations of the 'Bohemiun Blog' for a while and this following post is a great example of just how engaging one person's walk can be when given a curious frame to hang on. The writer has used the work of Alan Moore's "From Hell" as a starting point. "From Hell" is a wide ranging and sometimes fantastical investigation into the 19th century murderer Jack the Ripper and who he could be. Masonic symbolism overlaps religious iconography in most of the questionings surrounding the Ripper in the book which in turn links heavily with Nicholas Hawksmoor's architecture and his idiosynchratic churches built within London in the 17th and 18th centuries. And that's the point where the wanderings of the following blog starts. By mapping out the churches mentioned in the story and then spending a quite considerable amount of time journeying to each one, with moments of note that are experienced all coming together to form a hugely enjoyable record of one person's journey.

I highly recommend clicking the following link and reading the article on the Bohemian Blog's site itself where you can also read other wanderings and imagery that have been experienced - direct link to the full article - "An Occult Psychogeography of Hawksmoor’s London Churches"

Alan Moore's "From Hell" can be bought from Waterstone's here