Thursday, 31 March 2016

Setting up the show

APG Works looking great in the glorious sunshine with a freshly painted exterior.

Love how these posters have come out. 
Thank you APG Works Libby and Rupert for the great work.

 That's me tittivating that is.

It's now up, and I am very pleased with how everything leading up to the show and the setting up of the show has developed.

There has been some fantastic promotion before the opening and I especially want to thank the following for helping in promoting "Uncertain Spaces"- 

Now Then (twitter facebook website) who have been great in helping hugely to push and keep getting the word out for the show and being continually supportive. 

Social Sheffield (twitter, facebook, website) who shared info about "Uncertain Spaces" and Mandy Payne's show "Betwixt and Between" at Cupola Gallery

Our Favourite Places: Sheffield Culture Guide (twitter, facebook, website) -

Contemporary British Painting for their promotion of my painting and show
(twitter facebook website);postID=1679422144242161076

Julia Armstrong of the Sheffield Star newspaper wrote this following introduction for the show (twitter facebook website) -

 And here's some promo cards I designed to help get the word round.